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Regent Hotels to Open Regent Porto Montenegro in 2014

Big news from the Adriatic's luxury hotel scene: Regent Hotels & Resorts has announced the signing of an agreement with Adriatic Marinas d.o.o to manage theRegent Porto Montenegro. The luxury waterfront hotel is scheduled to open in May 2014. Originally an Austro-Hungarian naval base, Porto Montenegro has become a popular destination for tourists, yacht owners and celebrities


Montenegro to Reform
Property Law

Podgorica _ Montenegro's
government has adopted a
draft law on property
relations that will make it
possible for the first time for
foreign citizens, as
individuals, to buy real
estate in the tiny Adriatic


Russians prompt boom
in Montenegro

BBC NEWS           Montenegro keeps another record - it gets
more foreign investment per
capita than any other country in Europe, well over $1,000 (£515) for each of its 650,000 people.
Much of it comes from Russia.

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Republic of Montenegro belongs to the Middle Mediterranean region, that is, to southern Europe. This small country combines really peaceful rhythm of life, cosines and charm of old maritime Italian towns, marvelous beauty of wild nature.Country surface is 13.800 (It's about 3 times less than Estonia is). Population is about 620 thousands.
Currency - Euro (€).

Official language - Serbian. Roman alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet are used equally.

There are two international airports - Podgorica and Tivat.
All-the-year-round ferry- line is operating between Bari (Italy) and Bar (Montenegro).
Railways: Bar-Podgorica-Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica- Niksic, Podgorica-Shkodra (Albania).
Main motorways: Adriatic motorway, that begins in Ulcinj and goes to the Croatian border, Podgorica-Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Podgorica-Belgrade (Serbia).

Geographically Montenegro is divided into 3 main areas - seaside, central and mountainous. Such a classification is useful for tourist's purposes too.

Seaside is the most southern part of the country. This narrow (1-10 km) region goes along Adriatic coast from Igalo in the West to the mouth of river Bojana in the East. It can be called "Mediterranean face" of Montenegro. The shore is indented by numerous bays, Kotor Gulf - is the biggest among them. It goes more than 20 km deep into the coast. Kotor Gulf is the most southern fiord in Europe.
From the continental part of the country Seaside is separated by Dinarian mountain chain, the highest peaks of which reach 1600 m. above the sea level. Medium summer temperatures vary from 23.4 to 25.6 C. The summers are long and dry, and winters are short and mild. Bathing season starts in the end of April and ends in October. Beaches are stony in the West and sandy in the East.
In order to simplify searching of accommodations in our reservation system, we've divided Seaside into three areas:
- Kotor Gulf (including Herceg-Novi and Tivat);
- Budva Riviera (till Petrovac in the East);
- Bar-Ulcinj.

Central part of Montenegro consists of two areas.
The first one is Dinarian mountain chain that, like an enormous wall hangs above the Seaside. This region has the highest level of rain in Europe. But rocks gets dry very fast, rich soils are rare, so animal and vegetable world is quite poor here. In these severe mountains the old capital of Montenegro - Cetinje - is situated. Near Cetinje there is one of four national parks - Lovcen.
The second area of Central part of the country is plain: basin of Skadar Lake (National park), fruitful valley of Zeta River, Belopavlicka plain and Niksicko field. Here is the highest density of population in Montenegro. Two big industry centers - Podgorica and Niksic are situated in this region. The summers are very hot, about 40 C. Medium winter temperatures usually don't go under -5C.
In our travel guide we choose Skadar Lake region - picturesque place that could be interesting especially for fishermen.

Mountainous part is situated in the North of the country. The climate here is sub alpine, with cold, snowy winters and moderate warm summers. These mountains are rich with pastures, forests and lakes. Rivers Tara, Moraca, Piva and theirs tributaries have made a lot of beautiful canyons. There are two national parks here - Biogradska Mountain - virgin forest tract not far from Kolasin and mountain-mass Durmitor with Tara Canyon (Under protection of UNESCO).
Local habitants work mostly in agricultural sector and small factories. Nowadays village and mountain-ski tourism is developing in this region. Main ski resorts are Zabljak and Kolasin.
In our travel guide Mountainous area is divided into two parts: Durmitor with Tara River and Northeast of Montenegro


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